Family Klaus & Gabi Meier
After we finished the building of our house in 1996, we purchased our dogs.

Based on our request of a mid-sized, short-haired and gentle dog, we initially decided to purchase English-Bullterriers.
With our English-Bullterriers we visited several national and international dog-shows. e.g. the CRUFTS in England.

Over a period of more than 9 years, we successfully bred English-Bullterriers and Miniature-Bullterriers.








On 17.05.2006 our first horse, named CURLEY, was born. He is now part of our family.
About 1 year later, my husband KLAUS purchased our second horse, named HUGO.
Curley, left hand side
(horse race: frieze)
Hugo van Leut
(horse race: Belgian carthorse)




The Australien Cattle Dog did fascinate us for a quite long time.
Therefore VA BENE JAMBALAYA moved-in our house in March 2009.

With "JAMBA"
our long-time wish came true, to possess an Australian Cattle Dog. The purchase of JAMBA was a stroke of a good fortune, because this dog serves all expectations we had of an Australian Cattle Dog.
She has a very gentle nature to humans as well as to other dogs as well.

Jamba is very clever and she learns very quickly. She is also absolutely healthy and tough. A bright and sharp companion for the daily life. Currently JAMBA is trained as horse-accompany-dog for our two horses CURLEY and HUGO.





In the winter of 2009, little Lilli-Faye moved-in, a Chinese Crested