Health of the ACD

Before you decide to purchase an ACD-puppy, you should pay attention and check the health of the parent-dogs of the litter comprehensivelly.

For our breed HUNDEZUCHT-VON-DER-STURMHÖHE we only choose well balanced and healthy ACD parent-dogs.
Our dogs successfully matched the bree-approval-test, based on
the strict regulations of the breed-discipline of the ACDCD e.V.

Excellent ranks of our ACD's, achieved on nternational dog shows do prove the exclusivelity of our breed (click here).



The following tests and checks of the health-status take place :

> HD x-ray (= observation of the grade of the hip-dysplasia)

> ED x-ray (= observation of the grade of the elbow-dysplasia)

> Audiometrical test (= to check puppies ears)

> PRA-test (= hereditary eye-illness of the ACD)

> Eye gap-lamp-test (= in order to check lens-luxation, CEA, RD, cataract, trichiasis, etc....)

  All ACD puppies VON-DER-STURMHÖHE are tested as well. Before hand-over, the puppies are checked by the veterinarian, they are immunized, vaccinated and chiped.
Link to the DOG-RACE-STANDARD of the ACD and the history of the ACD
  The Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) is a demanding dog, which needs to be supported psychically as well as physically in the right way. Otherwise the ACD will develop unwelcomed characteristics and individuallity, such as tending children (heeling), destroying the furniture inside the living room, noisy barking, etc...

But if the ACD is treated well with consequence and his owner spends enough time with the dog during the walks, the ACD will develop to a very gentle and nice family-dog.

Due to his history as a working-dog at the Australian farms, the ACD need tasks which meets his cleverness in a sufficient way. This could be e.g. agility, dog-frisby, man-trailing, obedience, rescue-dog-training, horse-accompany-dog-training, etc...
This could be even the participation of herding-dog-shows.

The ACD is not a dog which lazy lays on the couch the whole day. A brief tour around the blocks is also not enough for him. If you are an active person which likes it to be outdoor, if some dog-hairs or paw-patterns are not a major problem for you, if you like it to work with an intelligent dog, if you are also tough enough to provide proper guidance and instructions to an intelligent dog - then the ACD is the right dog for you.