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Litter A: 6 puppies (21.11.2010)
Litter B: 7 puppies (04.04.2012)
World-Champion Litter C: (08.05.2014)
New puppis, Litter D: (27.07.2014)
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In our opinion it is of significant importance to breed always with healthy and well balanced dogs. Based on the strikt regulations of the ACDCD eV.,the breed-suitability-test and a behaviour-check, the breed-permission for our dogs was granted.

A frequent participation of breeding-seminars in terms of health, puppy-raise, training and education, dog-feeding, etc.... is a natural course of action and a duty for a reputable VDH-breeder.

Our puppies are born in our house ("puppy-birth-room") and they are raising up together with the family. Compared to ACD-puppies, which do raise-up in a cage outside the house, our puppies are integrated in the family. That's why they learn very quickly to integrate in a normal household.

While the puppies raise-up, they learn more and more about the house and the different rooms inside. After a while they learn how it feels to step in the large garden. Inside the garden and the big living-room, several interesting toys are available for the puppies, to learn how to balance on a shaking platform, how to use their sensitive legs to coordinate their steps, to run bravely through a tunnel, to play with the mother-bitch the sisters and the brothers, etc....

Since the puppies raise-up together with other dogs as well, they learn at the very beginning how to communicate with them. After the first inoculation took place, the puppies experience the first excursion outside. Our puppies are checked by the breed-warden two times and each puppy receives a comprehensive check by the veterinarians before handing-over to the new family.

Up to an age of 9 weeks, all puppies VON-DER-STURMHÖHE are vaccinated, de-wormed, chiped, tested audiometrically and socialized, before handing-over.
The puppies are also equipped with the EU vaccination-card, VDH/FCI-papers, their pedigree and a puppy

The client will also get a detailed purchasing-contract VON-DER-STURMHÖHE, based on European law.

We're always pleased about news & photos regarding the further development of our puppies. We are also contact-partner for every question regarding the ACD in the future.