Health of the Chinese Crested

Before you decide to purchase a CC-puppy, you should pay attention and check properly the health of the parent-dogs of the litter.

For our breed HUNDEZUCHT-VON-DER-STURMHÖHE we only choose well balanced and fully healthy CC parent-dogs. Therefore the parent-dogs and its health-status is examined by the veterinarians first. If only one defect of the below mentioned tests are established at one of the parent-dogs, this animal will never be used for mating in our breed.

The following tests and checks of the health-status take place

> PRA-test (= hereditary eye-illness of the CC)

> PLL-test (= hereditary eye-illness of the CC)

> PL -test (= x-ray test, luxation of the patella)

> Foxi3 genetic test (= test for the hair-status / so called."TRUE-HAIRLESS-TEST")

  All ACD puppies VON-DER-STURMHÖHE are tested as well. They are checked properly by the veterinarian, they are immunized, vaccinated and chiped.
Link to the dog-race-standard and the history of the CC