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Puppies, litter A (23.11.2011)
Puppies, litter B (26.01.2012)
NEW>> Puppies, litter C (28.03.2013) <<NEW
Puppies, litter D

We pay a lot attention in nature and health of our breeding-dogs. The results and
vet-certificates of the health-checks of our CC-dogs you will find under the link

The participation of training-lessons and seminars in terms of dog-health, puppy & breeding, treatment & growth, nutrition, etc... is essential for a serious VDH/FCI-breeder.

Since I'm running my own business and do not have to work in an exhausting job outside, I can focus to the dog-breeding in my kennel all time (see dog-school KLEINE STROLCHE). Therefore I'm able to look after the puppies the whole day.

Our puppies are born in-house (special prepared puppy room inside the building)...and they grow up with the human-and dog family together. Apart from a cave-dog, our puppies do learn very quickly how to deal and behave inside the family accordingly.

However, in a certain age, our puppies do learn more about the house and the large garden. Interesting playing-tools are waiting for the puppies. For instance, they learn how to coordinate their legs and how to balance their body on an instable plate. They bravely learn to pass a tunnel and to play in a group with mother, brothers and sisters. Since the puppies do grow-up with our other dogs, they learn at the very beginning, how to communicate with others. After the first vaccination, the puppies do participate us on small tours and excursions to nearby places, like forests or other areas in the country side.

Our litters are examined by the breed-warden twice...and before handing over one of our puppys to our clients, the young dogs are checked by our pet-veterinarian intensively. All puppies are vaccinated, de-wormed, chiped, properly socialized, before handing over with 11 weeks.
The puppies will get the VDH/FCI - pedigree certificate and a starter-kit.

By purchasing one of our CC-puppy VON-DER-STURMHÖHE the client will get a detailed purchase-contact, based on European law.

We are always pleased about photos and news about the development of our breeded dogs.
We are also your partner in all questions regarding your dog, if you like.