CC puppy info__litter B "von der Sturmhöhe"
Seven puppies born on 26.01.2012, contact: +49-7393-91546, Germany  

All puppies sold. We wish the puppies and the new owners all the best and a lot of fun with the little Chinese.

On 26.01.2012 Calypso and Knut became the proud parents of seven CC-puppies.

3 bitches hairless, 2 bitches powder-puff, 2 male powder-puff
Mother: Calypso
Father: Knut

Father and mother, puppies    




Bronze leaf Ginger (bitch, powder-puff)    





Breaking all Rules (male, powder-puff)    




Blue Lightning (bitch, hairless)    





Blaze of Glory (bitch, powder-puff)    





Black Pearl (bitch, powder-puff)    

Bird of Paradise (bitch, hairless)    




Balfire of Love (bitch, hairless)






Our puppies do grow-up inside our house and not in any isolated cage. Thus, they learn right at the beginning the demands of a family-dog. We pay a lot attention to socialize and imprint our puppies properly. The puppies learn and meet our other dogs, kids, visitors, etc... To drive in a car and recognizing all the sounds and noises, is also part of the puppy-training. For playing and discovering all sorts of things, they can use our large garden, which is also equipped with a convenient puppy-playground. Small excursions and trips to nearby places are part of the puppy-training as well. Our puppies are sold with pedigree-certificates of the German CLUB FÜR EXOTISCHE RASSEHUNDE (VDH/FCI). They are de-wormed five times, vaccinated, chiped and controlled by the breed-warden twice. Each puppy gets a starter-kit (puppy-food, cloth with mamas smell, dog-lead, collar, photo-map, etc....), when he is going on his first big journey to the new family. If you are interested in an excellent socialized, clever, gentle, active, devoted and friendly dog, our Chinese Crested puppy might be the right choice for you. If requested, you can also visit us first, in order to have a look on the parent-dogs and the puppies - of course. Just call for Germany +49-7393-91546. We are looking forward to hear from you.